Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's a Girl!

So we found out last week that we're having a girl in July!  I have been so focused on boy stuff that I have to keep reminding myself to stop looking at the boy stuff in the baby aisle.  I also didn't realize how shocking the color pink was to me until I opened a baby magazine and got sick to my stomach just looking at the color.  I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually.  After Travis and I found out what we were having we called our parents and sent out messages to everyone else.  She's right on schedule with everything she needs to be at.  All of her bits and pieces were there and she is really wiggly.  I don't feel her move too much, but every now and then she likes to kick me to remind me she's there.  I guess that's a sign of what's to come.  Travis asked me if I was ready to hear, "I hate you mom!"  and deal with all the drama.  It made me laugh  and realize I'm in for it : )  We went shopping for a few items we needed last weekend and I filled out a registry which made me laugh too.  It suggested that I have at least 75 items on it, and I only had 7.  I'm more of a wait and see what we need before we go crazy I guess. We had been thinking of both boy and girl names ever since we found out we were expecting so we already had the names narrowed down.  We just weren't sure we were going to say anything until we met her face to face.  However this time around we have an anxious little boy who is a part of the group and he was worried about not knowing her name.  Last night Jake said, "Mom, we don't even know her name yet...I guess we'll just have to call her Nobody".  He looked pretty disappointed so we told him the name we were thinking of and he said it was great!  Allison Holley Reynolds will be the name and we'll call her Ally.  I've always like the name Ally so Allison was just a natural fit for that one, and Holley is my middle name so there you go!  We're really excited that we have the name all set.  It feels real now, not that it wasn't before but now it's just more official.  We're at 21 weeks and it seems like July 4th is just around the corner.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reynolds Family Top 10 of 2010
10.  We played in the snow and went to several baseball games
9. Travis and Amanda celebrated 4 years of marriage
8.  We got to ride on Thomas the Train for Jake’s 3rd birthday
7.  Amanda’s company renewed their contract
6.  Jake took his first round of swimming lessons and started preschool
5. We hiked around Moab, took Travis and Jake to Vegas for the first time and hiked to the top of Y Mountain
4.  We started selling Scentsy Candles
3.  We drove to South Carolina in two days to visit with family and friends
2.  Travis is still on the Dean’s List and will finish his Bachelor’s degree in a year
1.  We found out we’re having another baby, due July 4, 2011